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1. Dino Island
Journey to explore the dinosaur island exotic for the little ones. Hold tight on the steering wheel and be prepared to get started!

2. Festival Carousel

Enjoy the moments of fun and extreme shooting in the shimmering space of music and light!

Festival Carousel Asia Park is a romantic romantic paradise

3. Happy Choo Choo

A fun-packed train ride on the Indonesian garden will take the kids on an ocean-adventure cruise with loads of attractions.

An ocean exploration ship

4. Treehouse playland

Explore the world in the trunk, meet the singing birds, funny squirrels, feeding ants and many other lovely creatures.

Explore the world in the trunk

5. Garuda Valley

They will enjoy the speed adventure adventure in every spin on the roller coaster for children only in Asia Park

Roller coaster for children

6. Fireflies Forest

Have fun with beautiful fireflies. Put on your seat belt and fly!

Fly with fireflies!

7. Ninja Flyer

Transformed into a Ninja, spinning and flying excitedly in the air!

Fly in the air like the Ninja

8. Kabuki Trucks

Step into the “Kingdom of Cars” and participate in an exciting race in the land of Kabuki dances. The game takes you on the battle to become the super racers!

Kingdom of cars

B. Cultural Park and Sunwheel Area

The Cultural Park at Asia Park opens up an exotic Oriental space through diverse cultures, historical buildings and unique art and cuisine from 10 Asian countries: Japan. Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

In addition, a number of magnificent buildings such as the City Gate, Clock Tower, Sun Wheel, Dragon Boat, Statue of Buddha … are also not to be missed in the heart of Asia Park. Here, the Sun Wheel with impressive 115m height, the top 5 largest rounds in the world, is like a new symbol of Da Nang city.

1. Gate

Spread over an area of ​​up to 700 square meters, the City Gate features the typical architecture of the Hue Citadel and is a place where visitors can visit and enjoy Asia Park.

Gate to

2. Sun Wheel

To reach the top 5 of the world’s highest rung, the 115-meter Sun Wheel with 64 cabs, 15-minute speed is one of the destinations can not be ignored in Da Nang. From 115m high of this giant round, Visitors will have the opportunity to take a panoramic view of Da Nang city as well as admire the Maitreya Buddha statue high 4.7 tons weighing 20 tons unique in the park.

The sunwheel revolve

3. Clock Tower

Step into the Sun Wheel, visitors will encounter Clock Tower – unique architectural works characteristic of 10 Asian countries.

clock tower

4. Dragon Boat

With an area of ​​20m2 on the banks of the Han River, Dragon Boat is the ideal stopover for visitors enjoying the cityscape and enjoying the cool breezes from the river.

Dragon boats

5. Statue of Buddha

Carved from a monolith of 4.7 m high, weighs 20 tons, the statue of Maitreya is placed in the quiet space on the Han River is a symbol of happiness, joy and luck.


6. FEC amusement park

Located on the ground floor of the Sun Wheel, the FEC is an exciting gathering of fun new games such as shooting the Sun Blaster, the largest soft play in Vietnam and a series of other games.

PRICE: 2.500 VND / Cents
Soft-play tickets: VND 50,000 / visit
Sun Blaster tickets: VND 50,000 / visit

FEC amusement park

Not only games and buildings, Asia Park is also a destination for exciting cultural activities such as performing arts, crafts, folk games, and cultural festivals.

With adventure games for those who love to explore

1. Sky Treasure

Inspired by the pirates of the Malacca Pursuit, Sky Treasure games bring the ultimate enjoyment to the player while playing acrobatics in the air. Travel on a 680m long winding curving track for 120 seconds, enjoy the feeling of “flying to the sky” at a height of more than 15 meters and dropping down at a speed of up to 75 km / h. Condition of participation Sky Treasure visitors must have a height of over 132cm, for children from 120cm to 132cm requires an adult to accompany. Sky Treasure is one of the thrilling games at Da Nang Asia Park which is a lot of visitors to participate in.

2. Queen Cobra

Queen Cobra has just opened recently but has quickly become one of the leading adventure games in Asia Park Danang, which is well received by many visitors. Only 96 seconds with 689m long curved track, hang glider lift up to 34m and then down to 80km / h. 5 continuous twists with 360 degrees will make visitors feel extreme excitement. If you are a fan of adventure, love to experience and conquer yourself, then Queen Cobra will be the most appropriate game, bring burst moments, “unparalleled” . Prepare the spirit of stability and calm soul to radiate with the Queen Cobra game has just “fired” offline.

Queen Cobra gives visitors unprecedented excitement

3. The Flying Kirins

For the adventurous, the Flying Kirins are like big waves, winding in the sky. The boat will move slowly, from low to high speed, making the visitor feel like walking on the waves, looping in the air. The Flying Kirins only have 16 cars, carrying up to 32 adults with a height above 115cm. The Flying Kirins are inspired by the enormous waves of the sea that train the will to overcome challenges and conquer oneself.


4. Sun Wheel

In the “top” of the world’s top 5 rounds, Sun Wheel is one of the destinations not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang and is also one of the adventure games for devotees of high altitude. Sitting in the Sun Wheel cabin, you will enjoy a panoramic view of Da Nang city from 115m in 15 minutes. The Sun Wheel is illuminated by 13,000 LED lamps mounted on the 32 nanometers of rotation with a capacity of 384 passengers per visit.

Sun Wheel new symbol of Da Nang city

5. Ninja Flyer

This game will get you down and hang your seatbelts in the air. Condition of the player must be higher than 115cm, if from 90cm to 105cm need to be accompanied by and under 90cm can not play Ninja Flyer. Ninja Flyer is a sensational game with moderate levels for young children and is also a “hot” game in Asia Park for youths.

6. Golden Sky Tower

Golden Sky Tower is a thrilling game at Asia Park Da Nang leading the world is inspired by the image of the tower and the mascot kinnara from Himapan Forest. The tallest freestanding tower in Vietnam Golden Sky Tower brings moments of explosion, within 120 seconds, slowly lift visitors up to a height of 47m panoramic view of Danang and suddenly fall free at near speed 67.7km / h. Golden Sky Tower belongs to “top” one of the favorite games and attracts many tourists at home and abroad in the resort in Asia Park

7. Singapore Sling

Not only the Golden Sky Tower attracts crowds of tourists, but Singapore Sling is also one of the thrilling games at Asia Park attracting visitors. The Singapore Sling gives visitors a new experience at 30m altitude with 360 degree spins and then free fall at 65km / h. This method of operating according to many visitors as the cocktail mix of a professional batender. The Singapore Sling consists of 24 seats and limits the player to height. Players must have a height of over 115cm and be played for a duration of 120s.

The Singapore Sling “tortures” visitors with a 360-degree rotating spin in the air and falling freely at super-fast speeds

Note to visitors playing these thrilling games is that those who do not suffer from diseases of blood pressure, cardiovascular … This is to avoid the unpleasant situation.

The above is the information about the game at Asia Park Da Nang – the famous playground in the scale and architecture of Da Nang. Come here, you will enjoy the enjoyment and panoramic view of Da Nang city in the air. This is the place where the family, keeping fun moments together. Join the BROWNBEAN HOTEL at this super-hot COMBO to have fun at Asia Park.

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